Today and Yesterday

I understand this post may be a bit dated but I believe the lesson that is to be learned here is still authentic. I read this short article at my wife’s suggestion and it brought up one main theme that I think should be addressed.

Gladly no one in this accident was seriously injured. But this whole incident started out because someone was in too much of a hurry to consider others in their actions. If this driver had demonstrated enough restraint  to consider his next move and the whereabouts of others he would not have created such a horrendous incident and would not have ruined the commute for so many others on their way home. What I believe this article clearly demonstrates is how impatient we have become as a culture. I believe this is almost, if not entirely, directly related to the growth of technology in our culture. We went from the postal service to email. We went from home phones to cell phones and now text messaging. Everything today is instant, no wait times, no disappointment and should anything get in the way of our end goals or does not meet our standards, then its on to Facebook or Yelp we go to express our dislike or distaste towards that particular subject matter to the world. I feel that these privileges have brought us to become a society of perceived entitlement and self centeredness, although not entirely, I think it does shine through in moments like these. Where has the concern for others gone? When did acts of common decency (ie: opening doors for another, going out of your way for others) become an infrequent pleasant surprise? Is this our set course or can we curb our everyday hustle? And if so, how? As much as I love keeping up with friends and getting the latest updates on the happenings in the world today I wonder if we could recreate or blend in the times of old in this fast paced world we live in. And I believe that social media sites have the intention to do such blending where you can be “up to date” on all your friends happenings whilst going through your day to day experiences.But what would happen if  when we read ones latest status update we slowed down and instead of responding immediately via hashtags, likes, or comments we waited until we next saw that individual again to have a conversation about it or, better yet, use that opportunity to call and set up a date to spend some time together. I understand that we get busier and busier as technology grows and life goes on and I don’t want to discount the advantages we gain over yesteryear due to those advances. But when I look back in my life I seem to remember the most meaningful and memorable times being when I was physically with an individual and we spent time together in each others company. Its never that post or that tweet but the trip we took or the face to face we had with each other that set those special memories apart from all others.

Anyways, that’s my two cents. What do you think? I would be delighted to hear your guys’ thoughts and opinions on the subject.


2 thoughts on “Today and Yesterday

  1. AmandaPanda says:

    I agree. Very insiteful and intelligent message! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Jenn Aguilar says:

    I agree.. Luckily we remember a time where technology was limited and we will
    Be able to share that with our children… However the generations after us and after them will hardly remember such times and our stories will soon fade 😞kinda sad.

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