Feel Free To Kill Yourself


“you should quit those cancer sticks”

“those thing’ll kill you”

Yes, yes we all know. Cigarettes are unhealthy, even considered deadly. But does that give us free reign to single out smokers the way we do. To ridicule others and do our best to confine them into social solidarity; being left to uncomfortable glances, covered mouths, and bogus coughs while they they perform the perfectly legal act of smoking? How about covering the boxes with intentionally uncomfortable reminders of the act they are about to perform. When it comes time to find a way to generate more revenue one of the first ideas to present itself is to tax the sale of tobacco because “hey, if you don’t smoke, it doesn’t affect you…” I would venture to say that if this were any other social or political group today, the people would be up in arms as to how they were treated on a daily basis. Smoking is a constitutional right given to all men and women in this country and should they so choose to partake in the particular act or habit of smoking then that individual should not be condemned for their decision. Tobacco is a perfectly legal drug and therefore should not be exposed to the unnecessary and overbearing regulations imposed upon it.That is not to say that I do not believe in anti-smoking campaigns. Sure! Get The awareness out there SMOKING CAN KILL YOU!!! But you shouldn’t in turn infringe on the rights of tobacco companies to display their message also. Smoking advertisements used to be commonplace, no one thought twice about the Marlboro Man or Joe Camel, but cigarettes have become so demonized NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to go so far as to hide them from plain sight! California Assemblyman Marc Levine authored a bill that would prohibit individuals from smoking inside their own home! What kind of  “free country” are we living in? Now I am not here to say one way or the other on the health effects of smoking or even secondhand smoke for that matter. I simply believe that we have gone too far with the regulations that we have imposed on tobacco products, so much so that we are infringing on the constitutional rights of not only smokers but the tobacco companies themselves. The product is legal, the act is legal, the consequences may be deadly, but it is the right of a citizen of these United States to make that decision for themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Feel Free To Kill Yourself

  1. Jenn Aguilar says:

    Freedom of speech is also our legal right. Since opinions vary so often I don’t think we will ever hear the end of some arguments. There’s my two cents.

  2. CDizzle says:

    The regulation I agree with when it comes to smoking is second-hand smoke. You should be allowed to do whatever you want to your own body, but you shouldn’t be allowed to harm others while doing it.

    It’s similar, in my mind at least, to why we have regulations that say you are not allowed to drive drunk. You are allowed to get as drunk as a skunk, but not while you are behind the wheel of a car because you are putting others lives at risk. Same goes for smoking; make your own decisions for your body, but don’t put others in harms way because of it.

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