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Chick-Fil-A’s anti-gay agenda


Last year this establishment garnered some major attention upon the Chief Operating Officer, Dan Cathy, announcing his opposition to gay marriage! By the way his right to do so can be conveniently found in the first amendment of our nations constitution. In the wake of this revelation there was backlash! Hell to pay. How dare this man express his views! The LGBT community in turn called for a boycott of this restaurant to teach it a lesson in human rights and empathy. Starve the franchise’s income so as to FORCE those involved to conform to their beliefs. The tables turned when customers showed up en mass to support Chick-Fil-A’s stance, not only that but to support someone who stood up for what they believed in knowing that their views did not mesh with the status quo. This turnaround hurt the LGBT community’s feelings, leaving them feeling as if those supporters disregarded their humanity completely. So, that being said, let’s come back to the here and now. Recently, there was a LGBT demonstration near a Rancho Cucamonga Chick-Fil-A that changed everything!! The store opens, the customers enter, and here comes the gay supporters. Uh oh. Enter the owner of the Chick-Fil-A restaurant, onto the stage where speakers are doing their speaking, grabs the microphone and announces to all in attendance “free meals to all gay marriage supporters”.

The crowd is stunned.

Did he just say free meals to gay marriage supporters? But wait, aren’t all those who are affiliated with Chick-Fil-A evil, hateful, discriminating, bigots? NO! Sadly our culture has accepted two huge lies 1) if you disagree with someone, you must fear or hate them and 2) if you agree with someone, you also agree with everything else they say and do. We have become so polarized that every issue is all or nothing you are not allowed to disagree with someone and still keep their respect. We can no longer civilly disagree. Our first response is not to argue our opinion but to attack the others character or education level. Agreeing to disagree has gone by the wayside. Why do we need to be right every time or feel the need to win every argument? This is such a selfish behavior. I believe the owner of this particular Chick-Fil-A, Corey Braun is his name, perceived this mentality of our society today and decided to do the right thing, to break the chains of status quo, to rock the proverbial boat. And he achieved his goal, and in turn, changed the views of everybody involved. Mr. Braun states “There were a lot of things said over the past year, I wanted to show that Chick-Fil-A doesn’t discriminate against anybody. We serve everyone. We’re happy to serve the community and this was an opportunity to have this group come in and show them our hospitality regardless of their beliefs, sexual orientation, or whatever. Chick-Fil-A has never been about hate. I think things were taken out of context. The COO Dan Cathy was asked about HIS opinion on marriage and he just supports a biblical view of marriage.” Needless to say the activists were appreciative of Mr. Braun’s kind offer and accepted. So lets learn from this event. We may never know Mr. Braun’s stance on gay marriage nor do we care because he has taught us a truly valuable lesson with his actions. That no matter what beliefs you hold dear you can still coexist with those who have differing opinions. You don’t have to be friends to be friendly.

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