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Forced Equality


Civil rights, thats what this whole argument is all about correct? Ok, great I can understand that. But where do we get off forcing individuals to “come out”? Forcing “equality” on others?

CNN has an article about an individual who went out of his way to find a place in the United states where he felt that gay individuals were suppressed. He achieved this goal in the discovery of Franklin County, Mississippi. According to US Census data he found that this particular county “is home to exactly zero same-sex couples”. And there is NO way that could be true. So on he goes to Franklin County to sniff out a homosexual. But before he did, and he eventually did, he made sure to slander the name of Mississippi stating that he himself rated “the hospitality state” as one of the least hospitable states to the LGBT community.As it turns out this endeavor uncovered nine gay citizens in the county. “None answered the census,however, either because they were confused by the questions, did not receive a form or weren’t living together at the time of the survey”. Imagine that! So here this guy comes into a county to force equality onto others and it turns out there’s no evil forces behind the statistical data, just human nature! Go figure!

This kind of pioneering is running rampant in this society. It’s even infected the NFL. After continual poking and prodding into the behind the scenes of the locker room bearing the same rhetoric that the gentleman in the prior story campaigned with, there are now rumors raging that a current NFL player is soon going to officially  “come out”. Now Chris Clemons, a Seattle Seahawks defensive end, is officially against this action and for good reason. Clemons says that, while its ok to be gay in the NFL, if a player were to announce their sexuality publicly that that individual would in effect be serving only himself. The media circus that would ensue for that particular team would be distracting and counterproductive for the team’s ultimate goal, unity.

This relentless goal of liberating every single member of the LGBT community is preposterous. I cannot agree with this societal belief that we can leave no stone unturned, that every member of the LGBT community MUST come out and be public with their sexuality. What happens to those individuals who don’t want to be put on display? Who are fine with their day to day life? Who are comfortable with their sexuality and don’t feel the need for everyone to know it? Aren’t we doing an injustice to those people who just want to rightfully live their lives as a gay american? Haven’t we put enough pressure and magnification on Gay America?

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